About The Cubby
The Cubby is an online marketplace for art made by college students. By shopping on The Cubby, you're supporting emerging artists, and purchasing one-of-a-kind pieces of art, at an affordable price. The entire listing price goes directly to the artist; The Cubby boasts no fees, so selling is simple and art is accessible to all buyers.

The art world has notoriously high barriers to entry for both artists and buyers. For student artists, even sites that claim to democratize art are filled with professional competition that overwhelm students’ products. On The Cubby, student artists grow their following and become better positioned to sell as a professional.

For appreciators of art, actual art purchases can sometimes remain inaccessible. Art galleries representing emerging artists are increasingly hard to find, and even small galleries mark up prices by nearly 50 percent. Major retailers have built inventories of budget-friendly artwork, but the products’ mass-appeal design and ubiquity dim the magic of owning a piece of art. For shoppers decorating their dorm room, first apartment, or home who find only mass retail art in their budget, The Cubby makes unique art pieces affordable.

Founded by college students, The Cubby reflects the perspectives of both student artists and budget-conscious shoppers. As the first college art marketplace, The Cubby supports art creation and appreciation by all.

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Josh CEO | Colby '22
Hey! I have no idea what I’m doing with my life, but The Cubby has been a super cool project I’ve been lucky enough to work on for the past few years. As a maker myself, I’m always down to meet other makers and it’s been the most empowering journey building for other creatives. Glad you’re here :)
Domenico CTO | Harvey Mudd '22
My friends call me both a dog and a boomer. I love skating, surfing, and snowboarding, and I hate social media and most internet tech with a burning passion. Super-dark chocolate wins always, and strangely I like the taste of fish oil. My friends mock me but my grandma would be proud.
Matteo COO | WPI '22
Ciao, call me Teo! Sour Patch Watermelons are the superior candy and Spider-Man is my favorite Avenger. Soccer, family, and my friends make me happy. I’m bilingual in English and Italian! I hope The Cubby can make a positive change in your life!
Anthony CMO | Northeastern '22
I'm probably playing guitar, eating pasta, saying a dad joke, dreaming about NJ bagels, or laughing about a joke you said 5 minutes ago. My favorite quote is “The forecast for today is slightly sunny depending on your outlook of life” which I heard from WDHA 105.5 in high school. Super grateful for everyone and everything in my life and if I'm able to help spread happiness, my job is done.
Olivia Marketing Director | Colby '21
Hi! I’m Olivia and I’m from NYC, the greatest city in the world. I hate the cold, love sushi, and have the best Spotify you’ll ever see. When I’m at school you’ll usually find me hiking, organizing concerts, or procrastinating my work...though I always get the job done.