About The Cubby
Welcome to The Cubby, an online marketplace for student-made art. We believe in young artists and are creating a community of artists and collectors that will grow together. On The Cubby, the entire listing price goes directly to the artist, so our creators can build their followings and own those relationships. We love collectors of all ages, and we believe that the best collectors buy because they connect with the piece and want to share it with the world, not because they want to turn a profit. With our artists and collectors, we see a future where both are free to express themselves in beautiful and dynamic ways.

Founded by college students, The Cubby reflects the perspectives of both student artists and budget-conscious shoppers. And as our artists grow in their careers, we look forward to continuing to link students and collectors, regardless of where that path leads.

I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists. Marcel Duchamp

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Quinn is where the buck stops. He loves art that is challenging and enjoys how artists make us feel alive.
Lady keeps the trains running on time at The Cubby. She likes to collect art that makes her happy, and she loves how artists can push the edge of what she likes and help her learn new things.
Daniella is our inspiration and link to Gen Z. She has just started collecting art and likes tattoo art and anime.
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