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How it works

Wanna buy something?

1. Browse for what you’re looking for, and pay with your credit or debit card.
2. You’ll get an email to schedule a time to meet with the student who’s selling what you just bought.
3. Go get what you just bought! (You’ll meet at the agreed meeting location.)

Wanna sell something?

1. Go to “Sell Something” and enter the item’s details.
2. When a student buys your item, you’ll get an email to schedule a time to meet with them.
3. Go deliver what you just sold. (You’ll meet at your agreed meeting location.)
4. After three days, your cash will be transferred to you via Venmo (and that’s why we ask for your number as the first step of selling something).

Is The Cubby not at your school?

If you'd like to bring an easy, free, and community marketplace to your school, fill out this form. We will personally email you to see how we can make this happen!

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