Emily Lilly's Cubby

MECA 2024
Emily Lilly is a queer, nonbinary artist born in New England. They are studying Textile and Fashion Design at MECA and have a background in painting, illustration, ceramics, and the textile arts. She practices a form of contemporary Norse paganism and eclectic witchcraft. If you see a dark, mysterious creature in the woods of New Hampshire or Maine, it's probably Emily. Much of their art is derived from their belief systems and their experiences with the esoteric. You can often find her eating ice cream, cuddling with her beloved cats, and working on various pieces. They have a habit of making a mess of the kitchen table with their pattern drafting and leaving their drawing tablet in rather inconvenient places. In this shop you will find a variety of products, all handcrafted, unique, and made with the utmost love. They/She Pronouns.