Custom Shoes - Simple

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Tracy Vu
UCLA 2023
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14 x 5 x 9 in.
**\*MADE TO ORDER\*** **\*PRICING VARIES BASED ON THE DESIGN AND RANGES FROM $40 - $70! PLEASE NOTE THAT $50 IS JUST THE STARTING FEE.\*** To quickly introduce myself, my name is Tracy Vu and for the past 5 years, I've been lucky enough to run an art business that has helped me paint and create many things for others. I can paint whatever you want on the shoes from simple logos, to the intricate ideas you have in your head! If you want to spice up an old pair of shoes or give that important person a custom pair, I'd love to be the person to do it. For more pictures of my work, you can check out my art page on instagram @foreigncrafts. Please feel free to dm me if you have any questions or comments! I hope you decide to let me customize your shoes. ☺️ **ORDERING:** Please dm me the details of what you want on your shoes. In addition, make sure to order **AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE**! All designs are hand-painted, so if you order close to your needed date, I can't guarantee that it'll come in time. **SHIPPING DETAILS :** The easiest option for me to customize your shoes would be to send me your shoes. After I finish customizing them, I'll send them back to you! Besides this method, if you were planning on buying new shoes to customize, I can buy the shoes for you. It will be added to your final cost and right after I finish painting them, I will ship it back to you. **CREDIT:** While I did paint the designs on the shoes, I want to make sure to announce that some of these designs are created by others (aka, it's not my own design). They are painting on the shoes because the customer likely came across the art and fell in love with it, so they chose it as their design.