Alex Israel's Cubby

Northeastern 2025
I am a student at Northeastern University in Boston studying Architecture, and in my free time I love making art. In my little room on Mission Hill, I paint under color-changing LED light using bright, contrasting colors to create trippy, popping imagery that you could stare at for hours. My work ventures into themes of nature, space, and even time, and is always changing and evolving. I am self-taught, and my process can be described as controlled chaos - beginning from nothing, I'll work at random on the canvas until an idea takes hold. I use acrylic paint, oil pastel, POSCA paint markers, and other mediums, usually all together. I also make digital art using Illustrator, Photoshop, and 3D modeling softwares like Rhinoceros 3D. Follow me on instagram to check out some of my work and support me: @tunastuff :)