Joyce Downey's Cubby

Northeastern 2021
<span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Hello hello! My name is Joyce Downey and I'm a senior at Northeastern with a psychology major and an art minor. Growing up I always thought of myself as bad at art and so I avoided it, but high school I rediscovered fine arts and fell in love, getting very into drawing and painting. I decided to pursue an art minor, and for my first co-op worked in an art studio at Dana-Farber cancer institute, where I discovered and fell in love with all things crafting, mainly embroidery and knitting. After encouragement from many friends I ended up creating an art account - **@joyce\_creates** on Instagram. I have more ideas than I have time for and tend to dabble in many different areas depending on my interests at the moment- my current one figuring drawing. I feel so grateful to be able to create and share my artwork with you! Thanks for stopping by :)</span>