Rachael Murphy's Cubby

Maine 2021
Rachael Murphy, born in Massachusetts, spent her childhood on Cape Cod and in the Boston area. Murphy’s interest in artmaking is inspired by the artists in her family who came before her, including Ellen Day Hale, whose portrait is in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Murphy oscillates between realistic imagery and abstract forms, depending on the chosen media. Her style employs complex patterns and colors to make up larger, sometimes recognizable forms. Murphy sees her work as a vehicle for processing personal interactions with the world and how they fold into more significant issues. Rachael began her studies at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design before transferring to the University of Maine. She currently resides in Orono, Maine, pursuing BAs in Studio Art, Art History, and Art Education; and is set to graduate in the Fall of 2021. Murphy aspires to establish a broader understanding of the art world through multiple degrees of study and internships. Murphy has experience researching and framing artwork through a seasonal position with Liros Gallery, in Blue Hill, Maine. The artist also works as a curatorial intern through an awarded internship with the Zillman Art Museum from 2019-2020. In addition, she is an assistant with an ongoing, large-scale inventory project for abstract-expressionist Harold Garde’s life work. These experiences have exposed Murphy to various artists, past and active, who use both 2D and 3D media.