Samantha Grillo's Cubby

WPI 2021
I am a young artist attending college for Robotics Engineering. I chose robotics because I grew up on science fiction movies, and I believe that as an engineer, we can create the technology only currently seen on television. I have sold my artwork at Boston Comic Con and other large comic conventions. I now have an Etsy shop and was brought in by The Cubby to share my work among other amazing student creators. I draw digitally, draw with traditional mediums, paint in acrylics and oils, and have done leatherwork (as seen in my profile picture), stained glass work, blacksmithing, etc. and I will continue exploring creative practices in my art business but also in the field of engineering. My artwork mainly focuses on the macabre, superheroes, science fiction, and plants but I have a range of content. Check me out on samgrilloart on Instagram to stay up to date with my latest work! 🤖🌿🦇 ps. Cthulhu is my favorite subject to draw.