Soraya Saghbini's Cubby

UCLA 2022
My name is Soraya Saghbini, I'm a third year biochemistry student at UCLA. I was born in Beirut (Lebanon) and grew up in the United Arab Emirates. I came up with "SooS' Artsy Shit" at the end of my freshman year, but never really thought it could go anywhere. <span class="colour" style="color: rgb(var(--color_15));"><span class="colour" style="color: rgb(var(--color_18));">It all started out as a way to relieve stress and a way to disconnect from the harsh reality that we live in. SooS is a creative space where I hope to  to connect with you through the love and appreciation of art. My designs reflect the idea of spontaneity and catharsis... The creative journey starts when I pick up a pen and let it glide across the canvas, allowing my subconscious to create these patterns. Art is the expression of one's creative skill and imagination. Each design is suppose to be interpreted differently by each and everyone of you. </span></span>